Here Comes the Break Overview
Double Elvis' "Here Comes the Break" is a groundbreaking podcast sparking real conversations about creativity, mental health, friendship, family, hope, and music. Hosted by the protagonist Ruben (Asante Blackk), this fictional narrative featuring real interviews with emerging Def Jam artists hopes to bring voice to young creators who use social media platforms to amplify their own messages. While working with Double Elvis, I was responsible for designing pitch materials showcasing new podcast concepts, and creating all marketing and promo assets to support Double Elvis podcasts. 
Graphic & Motion Designer - Kyson Cheong
Senior Director of Marketing - Faybeon Mickens
Call To Action Motion Graphic
This motion graphic was shared on social media to encourage listeners to leave a review.
Promo & Advertisements
Promotional Assets either posted on social media or became advertisements. Advertisements were featured on podcasts apps such as Castbox, PocketCast, Stitcher, etc and The Fader's newsletter (a magazine that covers music, style and culture). Assets that were posted on social media, more specifically on Instagram, ended up being re-shared by Def Jam Recordings (1.7m followers), Daniella Perkins (931k followers), Asante Blackk (390k followers), Nasty C (3.9m followers), Bobby Sessions (27.8k followers), Saint Bodhi (57.4k followers), and many more
Panel Flyer
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