Degree Project Overview
Omo Fulani which translates to Fulani Child is a documentary created by Demi Seremetis that explores Abdullah’s process, craft and what he draws inspiration from within fashion design. While at a traditional company, the roles of Creative Director, Key Art Designer, Photographer, Retoucher, and Motion Designer are all divided into different jobs, in the case of this thesis project, I absorbed all of these responsibilities. In doing so, I wanted to explore the Key Art process while collaborating with other creatives because I’ve come to realize that once I graduate, I will never be able to call a project completely my own from start to finish. To achieve this goal, I assembled a three person thesis where I collaborated with my good friends Abdullah Adisa, who is a Fashion Design Major, and Demi Seremetis, who is a Film Major to create Key Art and additional design elements for Demi’s documentary on Abdullah’s fashion line.
Unit Photography

Behind the scenes photography while on set. The images below come from a collection of 300+ photos.
Shoot Photography

Model shot on seamless for Key Art compositing. The images below come from a collection of 200+ photos.
Official Key Art

This Key Art was made by combining multiple images from various sources using Photoshop— including my shoot photography, unit photography, and stock imagery— to create a clean cinematic and natural image.​​​​​​​

Official Key Art

alternate versions

Opening Credits

Opening credits animated for the documentary providing information on who was involved during  
the production of Omo Fulani.
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